01Edu: Learning, Innovated

During 2 intensive years, you’ll learn the development skills of tomorrow, immerse yourself in a creative, collaborative environment and discover what it takes to change the game. Completely for free!

Participants: 900, Place: On Site,
Duration: 4 weeks

01 Piscine

The Piscine is an intensive 4-week introductory period that will offer you the chance to get your first taste of the world of development and creative collaboration. During this phase, you’ll participate in a total of 12 quests, 4 exams , 3 raids and 1 hackathon designed to help you really get a feel for the way Zone01 Oujda works. After the Piscine, you’ll have gained solid knowledge of working with the command line interface as well as the programming language Go. The Piscine is the last step in the selection process and will define who will ultimately enroll at .

Participants: 300, Place: On Site,
Duration: 18 months

02 Global Curriculum

The Global Curriculum is the foundational phase of your studies at Zone01 Oujda. This is where you will get down to the nitty-gritty of development by deep diving into our three main programming languages (Go, JavaScript, Rust or Java) as well as completing over 50 projects. As working on the projects, you will explore not only the three main languages but also C, C++, Ruby on Rails, PHP,Python, and many more. You’ll go from programming newbie to full-stack developer at a mid/senior level and fully prepare yourself for the next and final phase.

Participants: 300, Place: On Site,
Duration: 6 months

03 Job Preparation

The last, and maybe most important part of your Zone01 Oujda , journey, is the 6-month Job Preparation phase during which you’ll choose a specific branch of development to focus on and gain more skills within. Pick one of the branches: Video Games, Blockchain & Crypto, Artificial Intelligence& Machine Learning, Mobile Development, UX/UI, Cyber Security and DevOps – each branch lasts 6 months and becomes available after the first 18 months of the Global Curriculum phase. After completing the program, you’ll receive a Further vocational qualification in Information and Communication Technology.

Why choose Zone01
Oujda to kickstart
your tech career


  • • No tuition fees
  • • No previous experience needed
  • • No courses - No teachers
  • • Gamified & project-learning experience
  • • Peer-to-peer environment & flexible-paced learning
  • • Education model successfully implemented in over 40 countries
  • • On Campus Program :18 months Global Curriculum & 6 months Job Preparation
  • • Guaranteed job after graduation

What You Will Learn ?

Information Technology

IT, Security and Data


Soft Skills

Web and Graphics