Life on Campus: Street-Art - Moroccan Mosaic of Excellence

Love where you learn


The walls both intern and extern will be transformed into a vibrant mural that showcases the rich cultural tapestry of Morocco while promoting the values your center stands for

Artistic Elements Include

Artistic Elements Include
Artistic Elements Include
Artistic Elements Include
Artistic Elements Include

A REVOLUTIONARY Tuition-free Coding Center & Talent Agency! KICKSTART your TECH Career NOW

Your Zone01 Oujda’s journey will be exciting, challenging and intense. Our activities are specifically designed to help you plan ahead, refocus and bring out your inner creativity.

Networking Meetup

Networking Meetup

The networking meetups with our partner businesses will help you take ownership of your career and empower you to start building a career network that will last you a lifetime. Connect with your future teammates and get a glimpse into the growing Morocco tech scene – this is your opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the different fields of development and tech.



During your two years at Zone01 Oujda, we’ll organize a range of hackathons and coding challenges where you’ll get to flex your creative muscles and work on solving real-world problems together with your peers. Learn how to put your unique skills and abilities to good use and discover how to make a real difference – with code.

Nine reasons to choose Zone01 Oujda as a campus


Hackathon and Movie Night

Host a coding hackathon where teams work together to solve a coding challenge. Afterward, unwind with an IT-themed movie night featuring classics like 'The Social Network' or 'WarGames'


Escape Room Challenge

Visit an indoor escape room designed with a tech theme. Participants can work together to solve puzzles and escape from a virtual world.


Coding Workshops and Art Exhibition

Combine technical skills with artistic creativity by organizing coding workshops in the morning and attending an art exhibition or gallery tour in the afternoon.


Coding Retreat with Artistic Workshops

Plan a weekend retreat where coding sessions alternate with artistic workshops, such as painting, pottery, or photography. This provides a perfect balance of technical and creative activities.


Tech-Themed Trivia Night

Organize a trivia night with tech-related questions and challenges, and include rounds about famous IT personalities and moments in tech history.


Board Game Tournament

Host a board game tournament that features strategy games like chess, Settlers of Catan, or Ticket to Ride. This can encourage strategic thinking and team collaboration.


Virtual Reality Game Night

Set up a virtual reality gaming experience where participants can explore immersive worlds and collaborate on tech-themed challenges.


Coding and Music Jam Session

Combine coding workshops with a music jam session. Participants can learn coding concepts in the morning and then relax by playing music together in the afternoon.


IT Documentary Screening and Discussion

Screen a thought-provoking IT-related documentary and host a discussion afterward to delve into the themes and technologies explored in the film.

In close collaboration with our partner network, we’ll organise a variety of outdoor events during your studies at Zone01 Oujda. You’ll explore the awe-inspiring, untouched Oujda nature, discover our best-hidden cultural gems and experience a lifestyle that hits the sweet spot between fast-paced tech and peaceful relaxation.

Discovering the City of Oujda

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Outdoor Activities

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